Project Specifics

Great news!

The 1.7 million National Sunday Law books have all been printed!  They are now in the process of being delivered.

We met someone recently who said that she and her sisters were brought into the truth through reading the National Sunday Law book, and she was very excited to hear of this project.


Thanks to those who have donated into this project so far. Please continue to partner with us in this exciting project! 🙂 


Also, the first lot of Great Controversies are on their way to New Zealand. We are also needing funds to cover these.



We’re also looking at the feasibility of sending out Keys to Happiness to every home in New Zealand, if there is enough support to do so.  We welcome your feedback on this, and we will keep you all posted regarding this.



Delivery of NSL books coincides with the 1700th anniversary of Constantine’s declaration on 3 March 321AD to change the day of worship to Sunday.




If you would like to join us in this exciting venture, and wish to donate funds, please contact us. You can deposit funds into the bank account (01-0877-0117416-46). Just be sure to put your name and “SundayLaw” as the reference. All donations will receive a NZ charitable receipt.