Our Vision

… is to have a copy of the National Sunday Law placed in every home in New Zealand!

How would you like to be a part of the amazing National Sunday Law Project?! The vision is to have a copy of this book placed in every home in New Zealand. An anonymous donor has sponsored up to $500,000 on a dollar for dollar basis, meaning that if other people wish to donate money to it for books to be delivered in their area, the donor will give dollar for dollar. For example, if a church or group of people gave $10,000, there would be an additional $10,000 worth of books added to the original donation. We are planning to have this delivery coincide with the 1700th anniversary of Constantine’s declaring Sunday as the day of worship on 3 March 321AD. Therefore we plan to have them delivered to every house in New Zealand over a two day period in early March 2021.


“The end of all things is at hand. Our time is short, and there is a world to be warned.” (HS287).

The NSL book will recommend a free copy of The Great Controversy as a follow-up. The dollar for dollar offer also covers this book. If you prefer to only donate to the Great Controversy book, just specify. Any surplus funds from the NSL book will automatically be put into the Great Controversy books.

Join us in this exciting venture!

So if you would like to join us in this exciting venture, and wish to donate funds, please contact us. You can deposit funds into the bank account (01-0877-0117416-46). Just be sure to put your name and “SundayLaw” as the reference. All donations will receive a NZ charitable receipt.

Covers on pallets
This is what some of the covers look like on pallets
Books on pallets
This is some of the 1.7 milion copies of the book