of those who took the time to read the book

We received your little booklet in the post on Friday. Initially I was just going to recycle it.  I left it on our kitchen table.  At lunchtime I went to move the mail, newspaper and this little book from the table.  Holding the book I felt even though I am not religious and I do not understand the bible, I need to read this booklet.  I put it aside.  I saw it there later on in the day and said to myself ” na, I am going to recycle it.  I wont understand it anyway.  I picked up the booklet to recycle it and I got a strong sensation that I had to read it.  I left it on the table to decide in the morning.

Yesterday, Saturday morning, I picked up the book to move it as I lay the table for breakfast. I got that strong sensation again, so after breakfast I read that little booklet and sure am glad i did as it goes along with my own truth and understanding on these last days of the tyrants.

I got to understand Revelations like I never knew before.

Thank you for your time in all that it took to get this little booklet printed and delivered.

I would love to read the GREAT CONTROVERSY.

How did you find our letter box way out in the country?

Good morning

My wife and I just finished reading the National Sunday Law.
Very interesting & thought provoking…
We are interested in receiving the follow-up book, The Great Controversy.
If it is possible we would like to have 2 copies & also another National Sunday Law?

Blessings to you.


I was very fortunate to receive the booklet National Sunday Law in my letterbox.

I have read it and find many of my truths being answered in this book. Thank you.

I believe I am on this earth to stand up for Justice…As I read through the last three chapters I cried to my Sweet Lord, as I could see myself walking this pathway already. I thanked him then asked for forgiveness as I repented my sin’s, I prayed for myself, my children, my g.children, my extended family and brothers and our animals and all the vulnerable people throughout the world.

It was like deje vue and the picture was clearer, with more Truths.

Thank you so much..

I would like to request the free booklet The Great Controversy by E. G.White please…


Hi I got your number out of the National Sunday Law book my partner and I have been studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses  for 3 years, but due to something that has arisen we can’t carry on with them. I live here in …… and was wondering what church you guys are? We have always thought that Sundays are the wrong day but in Jesus’ day the week ended Saturday and started Sundays.


Several people want to know where the nearest church is to them, after having read the NSL book.


One lady rang to say she was a Sunday keeping Christian, and wanted to know what the big deal was, because we used to have Sunday laws but now we don’t, and why do we think they’re coming back? I shared with her, and pointed her to videos on a website re the mark of the beast. She was going to watch them, she was fascinated with the NSL book and with what I shared & she was going to look more into it.


Another man was interested in end time events, I sent him a link to Walter Veith What’s up Prof on global agenda.


A man with ME and Chronic fatigue, as well as wanting a Great Controversy wanted more copies of the NSL book and information on the health message. My wife had shared with him how she had reversed her chronic fatigue and he was encouraged by that.


A lady who lived in a rural area had been searching, and they had just been talking about end times etc, went to her letterbox only to find the NSL book. She was absolutely rapt because  nobody ever puts things in their letterbox. And it was perfect timing.


 Another lady had been watching Firstlight TV and had been looking for a Sabbath church for some time. After receiving her copy of the National Sunday Law book in her letterbox, she rang us asking where her nearest Sabbath keeping church was, which we were able to put her in touch with, and she was absolutely rapt.


Hi there

I received a copy of National Sunday law in my mail and just finished reading it. Really enjoyed it thank you, we already celebrate the true sabbath but I didn’t fully understand everything behind why, but that my husband told me it was the correct sabbath that the Hebrews followed. I almost threw the book out thinking it was a Jehovah’s Witness material, so glad I didn’t.

Can you please send me a copy of the great controversy? If you also include a couple extra copies of the National Sunday law that I can give away.

Kind thanks


Hi I have just finished reading National Sunday Law. I wondered if I could have a copy of The Great Controversy please. I’m also wondering where I might find a local Sabbath believing church.


 Hi!  I received a copy of “National Sunday Law” in my letterbox today, which I am finding fascinating and enlightening.

I would like a copy of the paperback you are offering – “The Great Controversy” to further my learning.

Many thanks. 


Hi there,

Thank you for delivering National Sunday Law. I have read it with great interest and am keen for the next book. I am a Christian who is always seeking and I think the Bible Sabbath may be what I am looking for as well as Jesus return. I have been studying End Times recently. Which church are you from? 
(She has since been in contact to say she’ll be going to her nearest Sabbath keeping church).